Wrecked Souls I

It was a cloudy day, the stones were familiar with my feet as it was the place where we had first met. I immediately discerned your face as you stepped from the darkness in the moonlight. Your eyes engulfed me headlong the moment I dared to look in them. It’s flamboyant darkness made me run out of the words that I had thought I’d boldly say.

They parched my throat.

They dried my lips.

And everything came to a standstill.

Your lips parted but no words escaped them. We both stood there, in the moonlight, our chests heaving, just looking at each other without saying anything because we were too scared to break the fragile silence. Alas! We turned our backs and walked away as rain clattered down the boulders and memories washed away. I don’t know about you but my heart excruciated with every step I took, with every breath I took.

Feelings were stifled, words remained caged and unheard and the broken hearts were left unmended  as the two annexed souls parted their ways.



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