Just A Girl

I wrote this poem to show how girls are ill treated in many parts of the world. How they are prejudiced and judged on what they think, speak or want.

In the midst of the sea,

She was a lost sailor.

Waves rose and fell,

But she never let them haunt her.

She was a girl, a girl with ambitions.

She too, like others wanted to reach the


So she ventured out all alone,

To find her reflection.

Pulpits said she went against the laws,

A strict action was to be taken

Else she’ll turn into a worm.

So they pulled her back in,

And manacled her with duties.

Still in the mist of the day

And in the dim night,

She’d manage to find time

To uncage her desires,

And let her heart fly.

They couldn’t bear her happiness

And uncovered her secret.

They rebuked her and beat her,

Till her wounds bled.

“Being a girl, are you oblivious of your duties?

You’re supposed to love and satisfy others

Without being loved and satisfied.”

In the thunderous abode

of course she was scared,

Her lips twitched and tears dribbled,

But her heart couldn’t bear.

She had to speak or later regret,

Letting out a painful sigh she finally said,

“I’m just a being with a heart like thee,

I too have ambitions and dreams

That I’d like to fulfill.”

Silence fell and she knew the repercussions,

Pulled by the hair and pushed in a room

Where none appeared.

Waking up each day with awe

And going to bed with hopeless eyes,

She was sick of herself and wanted to get rid of her life

And lo! One morning the door was left unlatched,

She found the opportunity and ran away.

Looking deep in the sea,

She spread her clipped wings

Without turning back she conceded in

And the sea with strong limbs

Embraced her.

She inhaled water and exhaled her spirit

And became hollow from within.

Words flew from ear to ear

Until they pulled her out

Some swooned while others laughed

A coward was thus she called.

Well, ask her heart, for i say, it’ll tell you,

That she was just tired of the life

she was cursed with and wanted to be free.

And wanted the leash around her neck so tight

to be released.



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