A Man Who Cries

You open your eyes like a petal of a flower,

Hoping  to have a better day

Only with this hope you wake up,

Forgetting all your pain

You splash some water On your face,

and look in the mirror,

You find a new fire to fight igniting in yourself

You start your day with a smile…a new

Resolution today

You leave your house like a lion leaves

His den

Full of pride and new ambitions…

You take a new step

You work hard with all your will

Focusing not to go astray

You work for hours without taking a 

Breath… Hoping a better future or  a better day

You are finally done with your work at the sunset

You walk all alone in the streetlights

With no one holding your hands

You look in the mirror, dark circles under your eyes

You wash your face to get rid of fear,

You realize that water not only removes sweat,

But also holds some tears…

You go to the kitchen, cook and eat to get health.

You change your clothes and lay on your bed

You are thinking the amount of work you did today

And question yourself,

“Did I get paid?”

You think until your head starts to ache,

Then, when you close your eyes to ease yourself,

You feel a drop of tear oozing down your face,

But one leads to another,you cry and regret….

All your life you’ve thought 

that life gives the way you act,

But at this point, you finally think that

Life’s not fair and needs to change….


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