This poem is quite serious. It describes the plight of a person going through such a difficult situation. Please don’t abandon anyone you know having such thoughts. (S) he really needs you. 

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Lost in the woods
Don’t know what to do

Should I hunt or shred

Should I stay or walk away

I’ve still got bruises on my knees

And some are bleeding on my arms

But the deepest one lies in my heart

Like sand, time is slipping away

And darkness is consuming me up like there’s no one else

I am tired of trying

I am tired of fighting

When will I be able to live my life again?

I am exhausted, I really am

I really hope all this will soon end

But as I said, time’s slipping away like sand

So tonight, I wear this rope like a necklace

And let it pull me off the floor

Finally I’ll have my own wings

Finally I’ll let go

Finally this is gonna end

And I will have to fight no more.


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