A Voice Never Heard

Deep down the gloomy soul
They have buried me,all forlorn
They speak not of me
And when I speak, my voice echoes
I’m lost, completely lost
In the labyrinth of lies
There’s no one out there
Who cares whether I am dead or alive
Lies are being told
Stories are being made
I hope somewhere
Honesty still remains
Truth is being killed
And hatred is allowed to live
O mankind! Have you always been so full of greed?
With each twist of tongue
With each word that escaped your lips
You have shredded a part of yourself
And blotted humanity
With each escape of your breath
With each rise and fall of your chest
Shame has veiled me like a molested bride
Pricked and bruised, ruined and doomed
And having no one to hear the rime
But I’ll wait, I’ll wait for the fog to fade away
I’ll wait for the sun to rise
And for the flowers to bloom again

Note: the narrator of this poem is truth, honesty and all those other precious traits that adorn the human soul and are now lost.

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