And the ocean separates us

“I love you “, he said and pressed a lingering kiss on her lips.
“I’ll love you”, he said and grazed his lips against her jawline.
“Forever”, he breathed against her skin and pressed his lips on her neck, just on her thumping pulse.
Then he heard her sob, her fingers lazily playing with his cropped hair.
“Hey what’s wrong?” He asked, hands firmly rested on her warm cheeks.
“Don’t go”, she managed to say as more tears oozed down her temples. “Please don’t go. It hurts Liam, it hurts to have someone and still be alone” she said as Liam wiped her tears away.
“No Lisa, I ain’t going anywhere, I’ll be with you, forever”, he said calmly and rested his hand on her rhythmically beating heart. “In here.”
“Don’t lie Liam, not at least to me”, she said and wrapped herself around him, her face against his chest, hand around his muscled back and legs tangled with his.
He was constantly stroking her back, untangling the loose ends of her hair as he planted a kiss on her forehead.
“You have no idea how lonely I feel. I sleep but I’m actually awake, it’s like my head is always heavy, always worried about you.”
She inhaled deeply then continued. “You come for such a limited time and then leave, with ocean separating us. I want to be with you Liam.” She looked up at him. Liam’s heart skipped a beat as he saw the melancholy in her coruscating eyes, shadowing her lids.
He smiled weakly, fully aware of the fact that his feeling couldn’t be described with words. Leaving her home and staying in the unfathomable depth of ocean for months was the most difficult thing to do. He too was always worried about her. He missed moments like this, being curled up with her, holding her while she slept peacefully.
And the best was when she’d get the news that he was coming back and seeing her waiting on the port, even from a considerable distance he could discern her, so tiered yet still so cheerful,she looked so happy, and when she’d pull him in her arms, all the worries, the tiredness would crawl away from his world, like water drops trailing down a dusty window, to let the sunlight permeate an isolated room.
He kissed her forehead again but this time she said nothing. Her face was calm, eyes closed, chest steadily rising and falling.
“I love you Lisa, more than I’ll ever love anyone or anything in this world”, he said, keeping his voice low as though he was telling her some secret and wouldn’t want anyone else to know, and wrapped his arms protectively around her, chin rested on her head, their hearts beating in syncopation.
It was the last time they were together like this, the last hours they spent together until the dawn knocked and he left her again, not only at home, but also in this world.


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