Like a candle I burned

Like a candle
I burned myself
To light others life
To light their way
I shed tears
But none cared
So they froze
And clung to my body like weights
And remained a remanent of pain
But I kept myself burning
Kept myself hurting
And had this thing clear in my mind
That I’m happy
Cause it made others happy
In that process
of self acceptance
I realised my soul had turned black
And every time I was lightening myself up
I was losing a part of myself
That could never ever come back
And each day i fought with emotions in my head
Each day I cried
Each day I sighed
Each day I faked smiles
Until a day came and I finally disappeared
Did they feel the darkness
With which everyday I was fighting
But the next day I saw their room lightened
And realised that they had bought in a new candle


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