Screams of my throes

Teen tigada kaam bigada. No better way to express what is happening with me rn. It feels heavy to see the person I love, love a person not good enough for her. When you love a person, nobody in your eyes can be good enough for her, not even you yourself, and definitely not a person who made her cry. Yes, that third person, who wasn’t supposed to be a part of your so called happy life. It feels heavy, it always does,when she says that she won’t get over him
And even if she does, a decade is the time she will need to love someone again. Heart claims “She is the one”, brain whispers silently, with an excruciating a sigh “was”, reminding me of the life’s brutality.
How can things end without even starting? Like this. Because of the third person, who is not a part of any of the two people’s life, but the only one to keep them from loving each other
When you love someone, all you care about is her happiness, no matter in who’s garden her flowers bloom. But when a third person does come, the earth cracks and slides, you’re stranded, your mind is paralysed, you cannot think of anything else. And what is more worse than that person making her cry, and she still missing him?
I don’t know about everybody, but this is the worst feeling I have ever gone through. The most suffocating, painful feeling I’ve gone through where I want to do something but I can’t,it’s like my hands are tied with manacles lubricated with her love, muting the screams of my throes.
All you can do in this time is wait. You love her genuinely? Wait. You don’t? Move on. But remember, patience does not bear good fruits everytime.
You may or may not get her. And when you don’t, it may even ruin you, break the soul that was already on the verge of breaking.
What comes to is this. Teesra banda kaam bigaade ga. Pakka hai. You cannot do anything about that. But if you care for someone, love someone, be there for them. You are the only and the greatest support they will ever have. Even if it hurts you, suffer, because it may result to be the best decision of your life and I know it hurts to see her smile and you not being the reason behind it, it’s the happiness that matters, after all, to love is to sacrifice.


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