“Real men don’t feel pain “

Hiding himself like stars behind dark bellied clouds, the connection between him and the world is somehow lost. He’s ailing with heartbreaks, walking with bruises, his wrists bearing the marks of failed attempts,his feet aching with walking those extra miles, he never shows, he wears a perfect mask. When he was just a boy, he was asked to man up. He wants to shout, scream, cry but born in a society where men are compelled to hide their emotions, those things are no less than shame. He hides himself in his sombre room, not expressive is what he is called. He wakes up with swollen eyes because of those hidden tears, when someone asks, he says he had a good sleep. A blatant lie, the truth, well, he hasn’t even felt slumber for days.
Depressed? No, how can he be? what will his parents tell their relatives? That their “son” got depressed? Can he seek a psychologist? No, he’s not mad after all. Or, how will he get married?
You say real men don’t feel pain? Well, according to the statistical data, the number of male suicide victims exceeds the number of females.
Now, after trying so hard to survive, he lays in the wooden coffin, dark crimson lines drawn across his neck. The medical reports apparently claim that choking led to the death. But it’s so sad that people will never know or understand what he was going through. They never tried nor they ever will, they were always too busy in showing off their masculinity.
Oh come on people, now don’t call him a coward, call yourselves coward for not lending him a hand even when he was drowning in pain in front of your eyes. Call yourselves coward for not realising his emotions. Call yourselves coward for not being by his side and now you are crying, after he has died. Call yourselves coward for calling him a coward, a person who was struggling to live.
Emotions are felt by all, but not expressed. To anyone reading this, you are not strong if you just suck up the tears and draw curtains over your feelings and thoughts. It’s okay if you cry, it’s totally fine but don’t hurt yourself just to show that you are strong.
Tears are a cascade of pain, let it flow, sometimes it’s better to let go.


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